Games for Fun/Charity Days


The game is played as Pairs or Triples. Teams will be drawn using the ‘Rollup’ cards. 

Teams will toss for the jack. 

The jack is not delivered at the beginning of the game. 

Each player in turn should deliver their bowls alternately. 

The jack is then cast by the last player to deliver a bowl and after they have delivered their final bowl. (This must be a different player for each end).  

The jack must not be placed in the end ditch, it must reach the minimum length dependant where the mat is placed and must stay within bounds if it ricochets off another bowl. If any of the above results in a fault as described the jack is re-delivered by the opposing team. 

Scoring is as in a normal bowls match. 

The match is played over 12 ends or 2 hours whichever comes first. Dead ends are not replayed. 

There are a number of tactics that can be used including; bowlers can deliver their bowls into separate groups or into their opponents groups. The last player can then deliver an isolated bowl in the hope that he/she can accurately cast the jack to it or to his/her team members bowls.   

How good are you at delivering a jack, this will test your skill.


The game can be played as pairs or triples. The teams will be drawn using the ‘Rollup’ Cards. 

This game is perhaps more testing of skill than the standard game of bowls. Instead of the closest bowl being the only one to score, the nearest four bowls score, according to their position. The nearest bowl to the jack scores 4 points, the second closest to the jack 3 points, the third 2 points and the fourth 1 point.  The score will always total in multiples of ten. 

This means that although the first wood belongs to one team, the other team can score up to six if they have the next three woods. 

The team owning the nearest wood plays the jack on the next end, although his/her team may not have scored the most points. 

‘Firing’ by the skip should be kept to a minimum, if a team ‘kills’ the end, the score is automatically 3:7 (to the benefit of the opposing side!) 

The game is played to 12 ends or for 2 hours whichever comes first. Dead ends are not to be replayed.


The mat is prepared by removing the centre block and two blocks are placed at the end with the ends touching on the central line ie. like saloon swing doors.The aim of the game is to bowl  into the ditch, going through the swing doors, but not crashing into the (Bar) fender. A bowl that reaches the ditch or lands on the ditch line is then lined up against the inside of the fender - starting at one side and working across. Any bowl that doesn't touch the blocks, goes outside the blocks, doesn't reach the white line or goes off the mat is placed behind the fender.Once all the bowls have been played the last player to bowl will then send the jack down the mat aiming to rest on one of the bowls in the ditch. That bowl is then 'turfed out of the saloon' and its player plays last in the next end with the one bowl and sends the jack down to catch the next victim.1. There are 2 'gangs' of players each with 2 bowls. (?? 4 in each team)2. Each mat is numbered and a player is nominated to draw a mat number.3. ?? Number of ends played.4. Scoring. The team whose bowl is touched by the jack gets 2 points - even though that bowl cannot be used at the next end. If that team has bowls one side or the other they are awarded 1 point for each bowl.5. The losing team starts first the next end which allows the winning loser (the one with one bowl) to play last and send down the jack. That player is allowed 2 bowls next end.6. If the jack doesn't reach the ditch line 1 point is deducted from the  team. Three tries are allowed.7. The winning team will of course have to change their playing positions after each end is played so that the one bowl player is last.8. The skips (or number 4 players) will be the bartenders until its their turn.9. The winners are the team with the most points.

MIXED TRIPLES (not as you know it)

Conditions of Play:

Only 3 shots may be scored on any end. If more than 3 shots are held, the extra shots are scored by the opponents. This applies to all ends played, including normal ends.

• End 1:           Played as a normal end

• Ends 2 & 3:   Only bowls behind the jack are to be left in       play. All short bowls are to be removed immediately.

• End 4:            Played as a normal end.

• End 5 & 6:      Right handed bowlers must bowl left-handed. Left handed bowlers must bowl right-handed.

• End 7:            Played as a normal end.

• End 8 & 9:      All bowls behind the jack must be removed immediately. Only bowls short of the jack are left in play.

• End 10:         Played as a normal end.

• End 11:          Second will skip, Lead will go second, Skip will go as lead.

• End 12:          Second will now skip, Lead will go second, Skip will go as lead.



Created by Richard Pennance